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Commercial and residental facilities require water heaters that provide hot water on demand any time for everyone. Your water heater also needs to be durable, energy efficient and have low operating costs.


Each facility or residence has unique needs. Your water heater must be the right size and type.  These are among the factors that determine which commercial water heater is right for you. For example, a water heater for a gym may not be the right water heater for a restaurant or hair salon. A water heater for a small condo would not be appropriate for a large house with multiple bathrooms.


We add mixing valves to a water system to adjust water temperatures for different uses and safety. For example, the temperatures needed for a hand washing sink are different than the temperatures needed for a dishwasher. 


We install conventional and tankless water heaters.


Trust Pinnacle Plumbing and Mechanical to carefully evaluate these factors, your needs and your budget. We will recommend a water heater that you can count on.


Our commercial and residential water heater services include:


  • Evaluate and recommend the right water heater

  • Installation of gas, electric heaters

  • Add mixing valves

  • Repairs

We Install and Repair Commercial and Residential Water Heaters
Water Heater
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