Meet the Pinnacle Plumbing and Mechanical Team

Pinnacle Plumbing and Mechanical is proud of our plumbers, mechanical technicians and our office staff.

We’ve assembled some of the most talented plumbers and technicians in Eastern Iowa and we are ready to serve you.

experience and expertise
Bart Glowacki
bart glowacki

Project Manager and Estimator

Jake Kuboushek

Expert in construction and commercial plumbing

Jake Kuboushek
Pinnacle Plumbing and Mechanical Services  Team

Bart is the Project Manager and Estimator. He has 25 years in the construction, commercial and residential plumbing and mechanical services industry.


Call Bart to discuss your needs at (319) 550- 7755

Dave Smith

Boiler Manager for Pinnacle Plumbing and Mechanical

Dave Smith

In Dave’s long career in commercial service he’s seen it all when it comes to boilers. If Dave can’t repair or install your boiler, no one can. Count on Dave to provide you with the best boiler service in Eastern Iowa.

Call Dave for help with your boiler and heating issues at (319) 558-8470


Chemical Treatment

Lee Markwell

Jake has 22 years of experience in construction and commercial plumbing. He is the Superintendent of Construction Services. Jake is well-respected in the industry for his knowledge of commercial plumbing in new construction, building additions, and building remodeling.

Call Jake at (319) 330-0280


Boiler Service Specialist

Randy Holub

In July 2020, Randy Holub joined the boiler repair and maintenance team of Pinnacle Plumbing and Mechanical. He had over 40 years in boiler, heating and mechanical services. 

Lee has 21 years of service experience and specializes in water treatment, including boilers, cooling towers, geothermal systems, hot and chilled process loops, reverse osmosis (RO), water softeners and is backflow certified (RPZ).